We are a full service veterinary clinic and we encourage wellness and preventative care

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Welcome to University Veterinary Clinic

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our website.

Here, at University Veterinary clinic, we are committed to providing comprehensive veterinary care to your family pet(s) in an affectionate manner.

Your pet is family.
We are a small animal clinic run by dedicated and professional Veterinarians and support staff. Our team works together as a close knit family. We invite you and your pet to feel comfortable and unrushed. As a smaller clinic in a localized point grey community, we are able to give undivided attention on an individual and personal basis.

We are a full service veterinary clinic and we encourage wellness and preventative care.

Pets We Treat

We provide the best possible care for your dog or cat, young or old, including preventative care, pet nutrition, and medical and surgical procedures.

  • “I just you do everything really well. You are all awesome. Best vet I’ve been to in Vancouver (seriously).”

    Angela W..

  • “Marlee is healthy, happy and hyper again. What’s better then seeing your best friend in their greatest mood again? Well except for pooping in the kitchen…😂”

    Jessie L..

  • “Considerate and gentle care for a very reasonable price. Other clinics charge considerably more for a basic check up and as a student I want to be able to afford to provide care for my cat and also have her treated well. This clinic does both.”

    Kelsey R..

  • “The vet is very friendly, knowledgable patient and compassionate.”


  • First vet we’ve been to that doesn’t really have a waiting area. Okay, there’s A chair by the entrance, a scale beside that, and then a wall of prescription diets. That’s it. Luckily, every time we’re there they whisked us into an examination/treatment room within moments of our arrival.

    We’ve been seeing Dr. Iljaz ever since we’ve adopted our terrier X almost two years ago. We go to him for shots, check-ups, and recently, dental cleaning. Turned out one of her teeth had an infection so she was given an antibiotic shot, and a discount was provided so as to offset the additional cost. We’re also pleasantly surprised that her ears were cleaned and nails trimmed with no extra charge.

    Just this past week we found out a relative of ours is also a regular at this office. It’s not exactly close to us but think we’ll be using Dr. Iljaz’s services for the foreseeable future. Recommended.

    Gertie T..

  • I really like the gentle personality of the Vet. He is always very caring. I kind of wish that because I brought 3 dogs in that I would have got a bit of a group discount. This is my only concern. Dr. Ajaz is so down to earth and likable

    Helena K.

  • Dr. Ijjaz and the staff are great. Very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and when we need to get in quickly, we are always fit into the schedule. They are also great in helping with pet insurance forms.

    Jeff M..

  • I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Dr. Ijaz and his team!

    Our dog almost died and has severe allergies which was such a terrifying experience. But Dr. Ijaz was right beside us the entire time explaining everything, keeping us calm and up to date on her progress. Dr. Ijaz and his team not only care about their furry patients but also the families who love them. He is incredibly knowledgeable and will always take the time to explain everything to you in detail, answers all of your questions and even sends you extra information. After an appointment the staff at University Vets will follow up with phone calls and/or emails to see how your furry companion is doing. The extra support and care this clinic goes through is phenomenal.

    Thank-you so much Dr. Ijaz for everything you have done!! We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

    Mackenzie F..

  • I highly recommend Dr. Ijaz to anybody. He is a very experienced, knowledgeable and caring vet. All of the staff here are very friendly and helpful. My dog Roxy has had to go to the vet an awful lot lately which may stress out some dogs. But Dr. Ijaz and all the staff here are so amazing that Roxy excited to go here! Probably because her visit is filled with smiles, treats and great care!
    Truly a wonderful vet! :)

    Jordan G.

  • Fantastic care and wonderful staff. “Micky Rough Chops” pretended not to be impressed, but he was. He looks forward to his next visit and enjoys the Medi-Cal food you recommended. Many thanks from a content tabby and his loyal servant!

    Mark S.

  • I was so glad to find such a great vet so close to where I live. “Grubber” was very comfortable here, and I felt like all the staff genuinely cared about me and my pets welfare. I’m glad to see that prices have dropped too!

    Erin R.

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